Sutton Medical Red Cross Scientifics, Inc.
The Art and Science of Formulation
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About Us
Mission, People, and Values
At SSI, we're constantly involved in markets and technologies spanning the globe. So, given this breadth, its important for us to rigorously focus on a well "formulated" mission (see below....and yes....the pun was intended!).
Corporate Mission:
To achieve and sustain well recognized leadership in development, manufacture, and commercialization of formulated products (especially in the fields of skin care, cosmetics, OTC drugs, and high technology manufacturing).
Obviously, our strategy is "formulated" to be all about formulation! But seriously, formulation is truly at the heart of our business, and we work hard maintain hyper competency/excellence in this complex (and ever evolving) field.
Principal SSI Officers and Shareholders
Steve received a Ph.D. in Physics from Georgia Tech for research concerning molecular motion in fluids.  As a young scientist, he joined the SPAWAR naval lab in San Diego, CA where, in collaboration with Dr. Allen Olson, he pursued research concerning the fundamental physics and acoustics of underwater electrical discharges. In 1993, Steve joined W. L. Gore to pursue R&D surrounding the manufacture of nano-structured ePTFE (the material behind Gore-Tex®).  Later, as leader of Gore's Core Technology R&D, he headed various strategic/global Gore R&D efforts.
In 1998, with wife Elizabeth, Steve began building a business around the development of advanced new materials.  Within a decade, the couple had established Sutton Scientifics, Inc.  Today, Steve is the proud inventor of Acculap™ (optical pitches), Therapure™ (topical creams), Elastack™ (TPE gels), and Lanicare™ (intensive skin moisturizers).
Elizabeth H. Sutton,  Vice President of Sales and Marketing (Co-Founder)
Elizabeth received a BA from Wesleyan College in Macon, GA and then, pursuing a life-long passion for sales and marketing, completed a degree in advanced fashion merchandising at Bauder College in Atlanta. In subsequent years, she held merchandising positions at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart and with the Napier Co.  In 1998, together with husband Steve, she was instrumental in founding the business which, ultimately, led to the creation of SSI (she even initially running sales and manufacturing out of the Sutton home).
As the sales outlet for Steve's technical ideas, Elizabeth built what was a very small materials business into a substantial concern.  As business grew, her interest in fashion ultimately led SSI to pursue the formulation of skin care, cosmetic, and OTC pharmaceutical, products. Today, she leads efforts to develop new SSI business opportunities.
Summary of Core SSI Corporate Values
SSI is founded on a core belief in innovation and technical excellence as a platform for business development. In fact, our entire culture revolves around the generation/realization of new ideas. We also believe deeply in the value of personal relationships in all facets of our business.   To us, customers and employees aren't numbers or opportunities. Rather, they are, without exception, friends, colleagues, and partners we value deeply on a personal basis.
Skin Care OTC Chemist Holding Formulation in Laboratory
Woman Packaging a Skin Care Cosmetics Formulation in a Skin Care Lab
Woman Applying a Cosmetic Skin Care Formulation to Her Skin and Face
Dice With Sides Labeled Vision, Mission, and Strategy Symbolizing SSI Focus on Formulation
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