Sutton Medical Red Cross Scientifics, Inc.
The Art and Science of Formulation
Woman Chemist in Lab Coat Holding Test Tubes
Careers at SSI
Current Openings:
Formulation Associate (Full Time, Flexible 1st Shift, Competitive Salary/Benefits)
Job Description:  Works independently, and in teams, to responsibly process and package formulated products (including skin care creams, cosmetics, and over the counter drugs).  Understands and follows process SOPs, corporate safety policies, requirements for record keeping, and general corporate guidelines associated with hygiene/sanitation.  With supervision/training from quality control (QC) leadership, supports the performance of tests required for raw materials QC, product release, and process control.  Works closely with manufacturing leadership to assure timely procurement of raw materials, proper scheduling of production work, and proper coordination of QC testing.
Production Associated Standing in Front of a Large Oven
Requirements:  Solid work/personal history with experience in a manufacturing, medical, or food processing environment. Some college or technical school education preferred. Ability to work effectively in teams.  Attention to detail with the ability to understand, and rigorously follow, procedures/guidelines.  Good mechanical aptitude with understanding of basic math. Willingness to work occasional nights/weekends as production schedules require. Willingness to pursue continuing education and other forms of  professional development.  No criminal record (excluding minor traffic violations).  Ability to pass pre-employment drug screens and background checks.  Non-smoker.
Topical Products Sales Associate (Full or Part Time, Flexible 1st Shift,  Draw + Commission)
Job Description:  Sales representative for the SSI line of topical products (including skin care creams/lotions, therapeutic massage creams/lotions, and topical analgesics). Straight commission following initial 3 month draw (at a level commensurate with experience).  Understands product attributes, independently identifies sales leads, and continuously sets/meets appropriate sales targets/goals. Works closely with SSI marketing to develop and refine sales presentations, literature, and product merchandising.  Supports existing accounts and captures new business (through telemarketing and cold calling). Pro actively identifies/communicates product feedback from the field.
Sales Woman With Briefcase
Requirements:  Solid work/personal history with demonstrated history of success in sales (with preference for applicants having experience with cosmetic/skin care /personal care products).  Professional bearing/appearance with clear talent for dealing with people.  High work ethic and good time management skills.  Ability and willingness to maintain a weekly presence in the SSI business while spending a majority of time pursuing face to face sales calls.  No criminal record (excluding minor traffic violations).  Ability to pass pre -employment drug screening and background checks.  Non-smoker.