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The Art and Science of Formulation
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It's amazing how many things must be successfully accomplished in order to bring a formulated product to market (not to mention manufacture/sell that product over time).  Often major scientific/engineering challenges are coupled with needs for competitive positioning and IP development.  Easily, the scope of effort can seem overwhelming
To achieve success, many links must be crafted in a very long chain.  Balancing effort among experts in different, fields (external and internal), is crucial.  Even with excellent planning, its common for a component of expertise to be lacking.  It can also be difficult to bring diverse expertise (technical, marketing, IP, and business) together in the creation of a solid integrated strategy for success.
Chain Base
Chain Weight
Business Platform
Market Needs/Understanding
Product Concept
Applications Testing
IP Strategy (Patenting?)
Process Development
Regulatory Compliance
Validation/Stability Testing
Marketing Strategy/Design
Steel Chain Being Forged


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How do we do it?  How can we offer such broad support?  One key is breadth of experience.  Our corporate leaders have many years of experience in bringing formulated products to market. Essentially, we've been in the trenches and learned from our successes.  The other key is partnership.  We've forged a large and diverse network of experts (some in private practice) into a highly integrated team.  This enables us to draw on deep expertise in many fields (from regulatory affairs to consumer packaging).
The links to your right provide a brief overview of important categories of service/expertise we offer.
At SSI, we understand these challenges and offer services designed to meet them.  Unlike consultants offering narrow expertise (in fields such as microbiology or regulatory affairs), our capabilities encompass the full range of activities surrounding the development and commercialization of formulated products.  We can provide any missing or weak link in the chain (from advanced R&D through market/IP development).  Our team is also available to help strategically integrate overall effort and or devise comprehensive strategies for overarching effort.