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The Art and Science of Formulation
Woman Chemist in Lab Coat Holding Test Tubes
Formulation Research and Development
Open Cans of Paint Showing Colorful Contents
Cream Being Squeezed Out of a Tube Onto Finger
Cough Syrup Being Poured Into a Spoon
Soap Bar Being Used to Lather Hands
Polymer Pellets Pouring Off Compounding Line Into a Tote
Coolant Fluid Being Flooding Onto a Metal Cutting Tool
Carpet Being Steam Cleaned
Lipstick Being Applied
Throughout industry, and everyday life, the volume of formulated products used each day is staggering.  From personal care products to industrial lubricants, carefully designed mixtures/blends are staples of the modern world.
Across all applications, specific challenges are encountered in the design and optimization of new compositions.  Whether the need is for a cough syrup, or a polymer additive, components must be made to work together, in a stable/homogeneous form, while meeting all application requirements.  Constraints associated with processing, stability, regulation, etc., may pose enormous challenges. Efficient definition and solution of related problems may prove essential to commercial success.
At SSI, we understand formulation challenges and help clients meet them.  At each stage of development (from definition of technical requirements through state of the art optimization) we offer comprehensive expertise.  Simply put, we help clients, in every way possible, to efficiently craft valuable new compositions (saving time and money).
One of our key strengths is an ability to offer expertise among broad applications.  In many diverse fields, we translate molecular understanding, and experimental expertise, into valuable compositions. Often, our breadth drives innovation, as we carry developments in one field (such as polymers) into another (like topical delivery).
Much of our consulting focuses on the development of compositions for personal care, cosmetic, and OTC pharmaceutical applications.  However, we also offer high level support in many other areas (including formulation of cleaners, polymers, performance materials, etc. for household and industrial use). Commonly, related efforts involve  tight constraints associated with stability, microbiological preservation, rheology, color, efficacy, processability, etc.
Chaotic Mixing of Two Coloured Fluids
The Arrhenius Equation
The Hildebrand Equation
Diagram of a Multifactor Experimental Design Box
Ternary Diagram Showing Color Contours
Diagram of Interactions Between Fluid Molecules
Diagram of a Triglyceride Molecule
Molecular Diagram of a Surfactant Micelle
We work with clients in many flexible ways.  In some cases, we purely augment internal expertise (completing a missing link in the overall developmental chain).  In other cases, we provide comprehensive definition and execution of effort.  Each case is different, and we respond accordingly.
With expertise extending beyond purely technical matters, we also make every effort to strategically integrate into the overall product development chain (in harmony with marketing, IP, and business activities).
Its our pleasure to offer complementary initial consultation (under suitable NDA as appropriate).  Please give us a call to explore how our services may fit into your developmental needs.