Sutton Medical Red Cross Scientifics, Inc.
The Art and Science of Formulation
Woman Chemist in Lab Coat Holding Test Tubes
Innovation Applied to Formulation
At SSI, we apply formulation expertise to the business of making life better. Daily, our experts meet tough challenges associated with the formulation of high value compositions for the most demanding applications. Supporting the formulation of cosmetics, skin products, OTC drugs, and agents used in virtually every conceivable application, our products and services are known worldwide.
Formulation (v): Creation of mixtures or blends, according to procedure, as in the making of drugs, cosmetics, skin care products, foods, coatings, paints, cleaning agents, etc.
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SSI consulting, lab, and processing services are among the most varied in the formulation business. From advanced custom formulation to toll processing, we span the full spectrum of related needs (with emphasis on formulation of skin care, cosmetics, gel, polymer, and OTC products).
We offer formulation development, IP analysis/protection, marketing support, competitive formulation analysis, toll processing, co-branding, private labeling, and many related services. Whatever it takes to bring a formulation to market, we provide the means to achieve success.
Beyond services, SSI produces many popular products. Our Elastack™, ParaGel™, and SarcoTex™ gels find wide application in tissue simulation and skin/scar care. Acculap™  optical pitches are staples of precision optical polishing throughout the world.  Our cosmetic, skin care, and massage therapy brands include Therapure™ massage creams and Lanicare™ skin moisturizers (while rivate label brands include Rolyan Deep-Prep © and DeepFrost ©  skin/massage creams manufactured exclusively for Patterson Medical).
From a business standpoint, our principles are simple.  In today's global economy, we believe technical innovation is a key component of any successful business model (especially when it comes to custom formulation of cosmetic, skin care, and OTC drug products). So, we drive technical innovation into each and every formulation service we provide.
Sutton Scientifics is also founded on a bedrock belief in customer satisfaction. We work hard, and think hard, to offer value in all our business relationships (while maintaining high ethical/scientific standards particularly in regards to marketing, regulatory affairs, and cGMP manufacturing of cosmetic/skin care/OTC products).
Whatever your formulation challenge, please let us help you " formulate" a solution today!
     Skin Care and OTC Sun Screen Lotion Being Poured on Hands and Spread on the Skin/Legs at Beach
     Processed Skin Care Moisturizing Lotion/Cream Being Poured for Testing in a Skin Care Laboratory
Woman Applying Formulated OTC Skin Care Suntan Lotion to Her Hands and Skin at Beach
Woman Inserting Therapeutic Breast/Skin Pad Made With Formulated Gel in Her Bra
Gas Chromatogram of a Skin Care, Cosmetic, OTC Product From a Formulation Laboratory
Microscope Image of 
      Bacteria From a Cosmetics/Skin Care/OTC Formulation Laboratory
Colorized Ternary 
      Diagram of a Formulation Space for a Cosmetics/Skin Care/OTC Product
Household Cleaner Being Tested in a Formulation Laboratory
Isolation Streak on a Bacterial Culture Plate from a Skin Care/Cosmetics/OTC Laboratory
OTC Drug
     Delivery Skin Patch Made with a Formulated Polymer Gel Being Tested in the Laboratory on Woman's Skin
Bullet Passing Through a Formulated Polymer Based Ballistics Gelatin (Gel) in the Laboratory
Ultrasound Probe Being Tested in the Laboratory Using a Medical Phantom Made With an SSI Polymer Gel Formulation
Precision Optical Elements Being Tested in the Laboratory After Being Polished Using Acculap Optical Polishing Pitch