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Intellectual Property Protection
Patenting new compositions and technology can be among the most important, yet costly and frustrating, elements of commercialization.  The process is a minefield of complex legalities, technical work, writing, and business strategy.
For most organizations (large and small) its difficult to manage patent teams.   Collaboration among experts in diverse fields (legal to technical) may present enormous challenges.  Expensive IP attorneys cannot practically engage hands-on technical/marketing involvement while technical and business team members typically lack legal training.   Resultant gaps in mutual understanding frequently lengthen the process, drive up costs, and degrade overall patent outcomes.   In the end, years of effort/expense may yield poor ultimate patent protection.
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At SSI, we've spent many years working to resolve these issues through the study and adoption of patent practices pioneered at large technology companies.  Based on our findings, and lot's of hard work, we now offer clients a unique service known as patent coordination, designed to maximize value, while minimizing headaches and cost.
The process of patent coordination centers around a specialist (commonly referred to as a patent liaison) having expertise in patent law as well as relevant technical/business issues.  With experience in all camps, this liaison collaborates closely among the entire team with hands-on support (surrounding documentation, reduction to practice, prior art analysis, applications drafting, claims structure, prosecution, etc.).  As a legal expert partnered intimately with the technical/business team, the liaison assures efficient collaboration with more expensive IP attorneys.  This proven strategy improves efficiency, lowers costs, and improves ultimate patent outcomes.
Importantly, our patent liaisons don't supplant the role of attorneys (although, as a patent agents, they are qualified and registered to file/prosecute patents on behalf of clients). Rather, a liaison's role is to expedite and improve the overall relationship with case attorneys (facilitating more focused, efficient, and thorough legal review at each stage).
Following this model, we provide patent coordination specialized in the field of formulation and related technology.  We integrate into patent teams (technical, business, and legal) to assure solid IP protection at reasonable cost.
Of course, we work with clients in many different ways.  In some cases, our role is to coordinate a specific task, such as definition of patent examples, analysis of prior art, or claims drafting.  In other cases, we provide entirely comprehensive support (from initial documentation of an invention through final prosecution/issuance, filing of divisionals, etc.).
We also offer a variety of training programs designed to help technical and business leaders understand how to effectively engage developmental/marketing activities while assuring good overall IP practices.
Whatever IP protection issue you may encounter in the field of formulation, we hope to find a way to help.  Please give us a call for complimentary initial consultation.