Sutton Medical Red Cross Scientifics, Inc.
The Art and Science of Formulation
Woman Chemist in Lab Coat Holding Test Tubes
Laboratory Capabilities
To support broad efforts in product development, manufacturing, and marketing, SSI maintains state of the art internal lab facilities.  These labs enable immediate satisfaction of crucial technical needs without the delay, cost and risks associated with farming things out.   Our labs also help nurture a culture of deep scientific understanding/competency as a means to drive innovation.
Especially when it comes to new product/process development, our internal labs provide a very rich resource.  Unlike many formulation consultants (and toll processors) we perform the vast majority of related testing within our own walls.  This capability lowers costs and assures that, when it comes to important measurements, the job gets done right.
Autosampler Robot on Gas Chromatograph Handling Sample Vials
Gas Chromatogram Showing of Series of Peaks for a Typical Triglyceride Oil
Wire Loop Tool (Used for Microbiological Manipulations) Being Sterilized in a Flame
Yellow Bacterial Colonies on an Incubated Agar Plate
Gas Chromatograph Oven Chamber Showing Column
Tubes of a Pharmaceutical Product Being Aged in a Precision Incubator to Test for Stability
Precision Glass Pycnometer (Used to Measure Density) Filled With Purple Fluid and Being Weighed on an Analytical Balance
Top of Test Tube Slant Culture Being Flamed in Aseptic Proceedure
Top of Gas Chromatograph Machine Showing a Flame Ionization Detector
Crucible Shown Through the Open Port on a Glowing Lab Furnace
While its impossible for any medium sized company to support every possible analytical tool relevant to formulated products, we strive to maintain very broad capability.  We are able to perform most measurements essential for product stability testing, process validation, and general cGMP compliance.  In addition, we support many general analyses common in materials science and product development.
Exemplary capabilities include gas chromatography, microbiology (including USP 51 preservation stability analysis), spectrophotometry, particle size analysis, rheology, and general analytical tests used to establish purity/identity.  Our machine/instrument/glass shops also support fabrication and development of specialized custom apparatus.
Since many of our efforts involve new product development, our labs often focus on building new techniques and devices. In connection with many new products, we commonly devise advanced new tests, construct/fabricate novel instruments, and write software to collect and analyze data.
What if a particular effort demands lab capability we don't posses internally?  SSI is constantly investing in new lab tools and may simply bring requisite equipment in house. However, we also maintain close relationships with university, government, and institutional labs throughout the world.   In those rare situations which demand external resources, we work hard to partner efficiently, and achieve proper oversight of collaborative effort.
So, whether you purchase formulated product from us, or utilize our consulting/processing services, its import to recognize that our lab capability exists to both lower costs and facilitate excellence in all the things we do!