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Marketing Support
After a very rocky initial start in business, Thomas Edison is famous for never again pursuing a new product without first understanding whether he could sell it!  Although guilty of later blunders, its clear the inventor internalized a lesson we at SSI also take to heart. Specifically, no matter how elegant or brilliant a new product may be, it can't be a success unless it can be sold in the marketplace.
However obvious this basic truth may seem, related issues are complex.  Translation of  market needs into a viable product may require compromises. Marketing strategy may hinge on presentation of highly technical characteristics, and performance data, to the customer.   Merchandising may demand extremely creative photographic and descriptive representations of product attributes.
Thomas Edison After Working for Many Days on His Phonograph Invention
Three Dimensional Pie Chart
Sales Chart Showing Upward Growth
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Huge Three Dimensional Dollar Sign
Road Sign Which Reads "Success" and Points in That Direction
Lotion Being Applied to Hands Taken Against a Green Screen Background
Hands Picture With the Green Screen Digitally Removed and Replaced With a Flat Background
Hands With Background Digitally Ehhanced to Achieve a Bright Color Gradient
Hands Picture Digitally Cropped to Show Precise Detail
Given these major complexities, we believe its absolutely vital to integrate product marketing with technical muscle. To meet this need, our experts offer support for the significant marketing challenges often associated with formulated products.
During early stages of product development, we are commonly called upon to provide technical analysis of market requirements (defining product concepts to guide R&D).  As concepts come to life, we may support the execution of strategies for test marketing (coupled with iterative technical optimization of the product).  Concurrent with the transition to sales, we often engage in field troubleshooting, analysis of competitive response, and product merchandising (including label design, related regulatory compliance, advanced photography, etc.).
Essentially, we appreciate the crucial importance of coupled technical/marketing effort and work with clients in every way possible to achieve integration.  We pride ourselves on being one of the few firms in the world capable of providing such integrated formulation and marketing expertise.
As with all our client services, the scope and nature of our marketing contribution is flexibly tailored to individual needs.  In some cases, we may provide only professional photography designed to illustrate some technical attribute of a product.  In others, we may put together and manage an entire turn-key marketing campaign (often with a team of technical, marketing, and sales professionals).  Whatever the need, we do what it takes.
Please contact us for complementary consultation regarding your needs in the area of marketing today!