Sutton Medical Red Cross Scientifics, Inc.
The Art and Science of Formulation
Woman Chemist in Lab Coat Holding Test Tubes
Manufacturing and Toll Processing
Yellow Powder in a Large Processing Vat
Coconut Oil Cascading Into a Processing Kettle
Luscious Cream Streaming Into a Jar From a Filling Machine
Vegatible Oil Flowing Out of a Barrel Tap
Looking Down Into a Very Large Polished Stainless Steel Processing Vessel
At SSI, one of our most important and fundamental missions concerns the manufacture and toll processing  of formulated products. Crossing many applications (including cosmetics, OTC drugs, and various household/industrial niches), we efficiently batch and package compositions (supporting both external clients and internal brands).
Often, we offer processing as a  follow-on to development of new compositions/processes for clients. Additionally, we broadly accept opportunities for contract manufacturing/tolling (particularly those which leverage our capability to efficiently batch, process, and package formulated products).
In all related efforts, we offer superior quality, regulatory compliance, and competitive costs.  In so doing, we work hard to offer the competitive edge our clients need to succeed in a world of ever increasing globalization, regulation, and fierce competitive positioning.
We are able to process fluidic or paste-like batches (even at high levels of  viscosity and thixotropy) in sizes ranging from pilot scale (around 100 lbs) up to thousands of pounds (with precise master batching, heated processing, blending, emulsification, vacuum, and or pressure as required). Typically, related services may include integrated filling, labeling, and packaging (in drums, buckets, jars, tubes, bottles, bags, boxes and or various like embodiments).
Beyond batch processing, we offer specific services related to polymer compounding, polymer extrusion, size reduction, powder blending, etc.   Mainly related activities surround the production of specialized polymeric blends, but we frequently tailor related services to accommodate broader client interests.
Roll of Labels for Pharmaceutical Tubes
Medical Rubber Tape Being Computer Wound Onto a Spool Immediately Following Extrusion
Medical Rubber Tape Being Extruded From a High Temperature Die
Pharmaceutical Tube Being Filled With Cream
Pharmaceutical Tubes Being Heat Sealed
As an integral part of related manufacturing and toll processing, we offer scrupulous compliance with all cGMPs relevant to the manufacture of formulated products (particularly cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices). Routinely, we analyze the regulatory framework surrounding a given product and marshal the resources required to define and execute full compliance.
In addition, working with us is easy....and we are always willing to help.  Whether the need involves making a few pounds of specialty material, or ongoing manufacturing at large volumes, we offer solutions.  Further, our breadth of capability/expertise often makes us the first, and last, RFQ.
Whatever your manufacturing or toll processing need, please give us a call to arrange complimentary initial consultation. We look forward to any opportunity to earn your business!