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The Art and Science of Formulation
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SSI Products
Beyond consulting and processing services, SSI manufactures internationally recognized brands serving applications in high technology industry, health care, and topical delivery.
SarcoTex ™ (Thermoplastic Tissue Simulants)
With specific grades engineered to precisely replicate the mechanical, ultrasound, MR, X-Ray, and ballistic properties of human tissue, SarcoTex ™ is ideally suited to the fabrication of medical and ballistic phantoms.  These clear gels are easy to melt, and re-melt, for casting/fabrication into anthropomorphic forms. Additives may be incorporated to modify various acoustic, optical, color, and mechanical properties.  These materials are typically custom blended with exact formulation proprietary to a particular customer.  Please call for samples, pricing, and technical information.
ParaGel ™ (Thermoplastic Mineral Oil Gels)
Formulated with ultra-pure USP mineral oil, ParaGel ™ materials are clear, tough, elastomers ideal for applications in medical cushioning, topical delivery, and fabrication of flexible molds (for foods, castable resins, etc.).  Many grades are extremely soft, but tough, with characteristics ideal for toe/footwear pads, medical cushions, and lifelike prosthetics. Additives such as emollients may be incorporated to enable slow exudation on contact with skin.  These materials are easy to melt, and re-melt, for casting and fabrication.  Grades suitable for food/artistic applications are available through the Compeat Sculptor (NY, NY).  Please call for samples, pricing, and technical information.
Acculap ™ (Premium Synthetic Optical Polishing Pitch)
Acculap ™ is a polymer composition used to form optical polishing laps (tools upon which optical elements are worked, w/ slurries, to achieve high finish).  Unlike traditional pitches (which display severe chemically instability), Acculap ™ offers ultra consistent results and extreme lap durability.  Acculap ™ melts, pours, charges, and channels just like an ordinary pitch, while having an ultra-stable/precise, composition. Heating, processing, and time do not affect Acculap™. Many grades are available at guaranteed levels of hardness. These products may be purchased through Salem Distributing in the US, SatisLoh in Europe/Asia, Englander Co. in Israel, and factory direct from SSI.
TheraPure ™ (Topical Creams and Lotions for Therapists)
Specifically designed as hypoallergenic (minimizing the potential for unwanted skin reactions even among sensitive patients), Therapure ™ is a line of creams and lotions tailored for use in rehabilitation and massage settings. Particular grades posses superior glide and emolliency for deep tissue and other common techniques.  Unlike competitive brands, related compositions are free of fragrance, dangerous extracts, and other components which commonly cause allergenic reactions (both for patients and therapists).  Specific grades are widely available through any number of nationwide distributors including TartanGroup.
TheraPure Arctic ™ (Topical Analgesic Creams for Therapists)
SSI has recently developed a new type of topical cream which, for the first time, combines the glide essential for therapeutic massage with a topical analgesic.  Given high active concentration, this cream offers excellent pain relief efficacy while also functioning as a high quality massage cream (suitable for both deep tissue and general use).  This product is coming soon to a broad array of distributors nationwide.  Call for information about carrying this product, or other direct factory purchases.
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